Ashera – Most Exotic House Cat

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Ashera is the world’s rarest, largest, and most exotic house cat type we ever have. This exotic cat is well known as a hybrid between Asian leopard cat, African serval, and domestic house cat. But, this giant house cat actually is a Savannah cats which have been proven by DNA testing.

Ashera - Most Exotic House Cat

Ashera cat may reach a weigh up to 40 lbs and it will be like a mini-leopard. Surprisingly, Ashera can get along well with people and it has high intelligent.

Ashera - Most Exotic House Cat

The price tag for Ashera cat is various depends on the weigh, markings, etc. The cheapest one will be tagged with a price starting at $20,000. For the Hypoallergenic, the price will goes up starting at $37,000. While the most expensive with rare marking will be sold up to $125,000.

Ashera - Most Exotic House Cat

If you want to own this exotic cat type, just contact us to get lower prices which starts at $3000.

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